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  1. i asked this in this forum in a separate thread, but thought of making a new thread to address the problem quickly. I have a Clevo P157SM ( Xenom X157) laptop with GTX 780m, recently i had this strange problem of hitting pwr cap showing in GPUz while playing farcry3 and cod ghost, which sometimes made the game stutter for a second or two, so i read up and decided to go with svl7 custom vbios . I flashed it successfully, and got a lot of options in nvidia inspector as expected, but ran into a more weird game freeze issue, which nearly ruined the gameplay, its as simple as the game used to freeze for a second and then go normal, very annoying in firefights, i tested with other games and the issue was still there. Hence its evident that it was because of the mod vBIOS somehow, i stocked it back and issue was gone. Now with the custom bios i never did any pwr cap but this problem. Now my query is, have i done something wrong, or the clevo bios is not compatible at all, is there some issue with the GPU itself, ( i found none in the last 6+ months) , or something anything that could be wrong with the total process? i am very eager to use this modded vbios but cant due to this stupid problem. Please help me out with some insight or possible debugging. I assure that there was no throttling of the GPU for any abnormal temp, i always had 83-87 load temp at all circumstances modded or not.
  2. hello svl7, i am big fan of yours and totally impressed by your vBIOS work, i own a P157SM ( Xenom X157) with 17 4700MQ and GTX780M, recently while farcry3 and cod ghost, i faced some weird GPUZ hitting pwr cap issu, I was suggested by some enthusiasts to use your custom vBios for GTX780M to remove the stock bios power cap. Well i did flash the bios successfully and dint get any pwr cap afterwards when playing the game at full load. But unfortunately i faced some weird freeze and go stuttering issue which made me get back to stock :'(. The freeze happens randomly then runs normal again , but it happens frequently, it happens mainly in firefights or graphic heavy areas. first i thought it was a game bug but when tested with AC3, the same issue persisted. Hence i figured it was better to go back to stock. Now my question is :: to your knowledge, is there any reported issue as such with clevo vbios modding? did i do something wrong? Can i flash the vBIOS at all in my laptop? also is there a relation between bios and the vBIOS and since am running a stock BIOS as well, do i have to flash it too? Please help me as I got so much freedom over the gpu with the mooded vBIOS but cant keep it that way because of this issue driving me mad, any help gratly appreciated, Big Fan
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