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  1. ZenobiaKael

    Advice on upgrading Alienware M18x

    put a 2920xm in that baby. i just picked one up for my m18x r2 and it works like a charm for less that $100 usd! then you'll need to see what heatsinks you have if youre going for a bigger GPU (like the X80m series) its going to be putting out ALOT more heat, same for CPU if you overclock, i recommend atleast the dual heatpipe for the CPU. SSD, a basic 120GB for OS. at least 8GB of ram, 16GB recommended, all in all, if you need to upgrade all the heatsinks for heavier GPus and a CPU. that is going to be around $100, ssd (for a 120gb) about $40, Cpu $100, plus whatever you get for GPUs. so expect to drop around $500 for a decent upgrade probably way more. for gpus. but dont forget to take into consideration what you can sell your old stuff for when budgeting it out.
  2. it can be done, just watch your thermals, also that isnt an extreme edition CPU so it wont be going to far in the way of an OC. so its unlikely you'll run into a heat proble, if you arent now. especially if you do a repaste, i recommend noctua nt-h1. its very noob friendly. wont fry stuff if you get it somewhere in shouldnt (like liquid ultra or pro will)
  3. ZenobiaKael

    Installing gtx 780m on alienware m15x

    yes this works. but the 780m runs VERY hot in the m15x. ive ran the 770m in mine twice. its not to bad, heres the general idea. i remember i hd to fidle with something and this guide wasnt a perfect fit. i think it had to do with playback devices at the end.
  4. ZenobiaKael

    alienware 18 r1 2013 model

    hi from NBR! lol. from what MR fox has told me. you can put the m18x R2 motherboard in the R1. but you need to mod the chasis slightly. it doesnt seem like much work.
  5. i use intel cards personally. they just work. as for ram thats a card one, i know 16GB ddr3 laptop dimms exists, but at an exhorbent cost. so 32GB is probably a good max for. ssd is purely whatever you want to spend as well. you could raid 4 of them if you wanted too. graphics, 980m SLI OS: win7 personally.

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