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  1. I was using the 690 until I upgraded to two 780s in SLI. The 690 is a fantastic card and ran everything I play very well (Skyrom, Mafia II, Lost Planet 3, etc etc). It's nice to have SLI at the cost of only one slot. I halfway regret going to 780s with the strange factory OC issues I have been having.
  2. Hi. I have a pair of Gigabyte GTX 780s (NV-780OC-3GD Rev2) and I am seeing a very strange problem. When the cards are at 954 MHz in SLI, everything works great. Occasionally, and seemingly randomly, when I launch a game, my SLI appears to have one card at 1006 MHz and the other card at 1019 MHz. When its like this, things run for a few minutes and then I get a sudden power shutdown. It seems almost as if the second card is somehow drawing too much power but that is only a guess. When both cards are at 954 MHz, this does not happen. I have an Antec HCP 1000 watt PSU which should seemingly be large enough to handle dual SLI. I have two questions: 1. Any ideas or thoughts on the sudden power shutdown as described above? 2. Which BIOS could I flash to either remove the factory OC and run at nVidia reference speeds (my first preference) OR limit the OC to 954 MHz? What I am after is a stable SLI rather than pushing the cards to the max... Thanks so much for any help, thoughts or advice!
  3. Hi Everyone. This is my first post on techinferno.com. I have two Gigabyte GTX 780s in SLI (model is NV-780OC-3GD Rev2) and I would like to either remove the factory OC (my first preference) or limit it to 954 MHz. Is there a BIOS I can flash for this card that can help me? My issue with the current factory OC BIOS: When I am at 954 MHz my SLI is very stable. Periodically though, when I launch Skyrim, Mafia II, or any SLI enabled game, I see a situation where one card is at 1006 MHz and the other is at 1019 MHz. This run for a few minutes and then the system powers off suddenly. This sudden power down only happens in SLI and only when both cards are showing different clock speeds instead of the 954 MHz synced speed I usually see. I have an Antec HCP Platinum 1000 watt PS so it would seemingly be large enough to handle a simple dual SLI ocnfig. Any help or advice is deeply appreciated. Thanks so much.
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