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  1. I'd have to go with Skyrim myself, there are so many mods that you can play 100+ hours just on a mod expansion. That really made the game new and fun for me.
  2. I just downloaded it the other day and I get anywhere from 40-60 FPS (Usually stays around 55 or so) on high on my Lenovo Y510p with the SLI config. When my CM Storm SF-19 comes in, I plan on overclocking it if it is worthwhile (If I see a noticeable change in the FPS) and it stays cool. The only problem I have with running this game on high is that it cooks my graphics cards! They like to float anywhere from 85-95 degrees Celsius. I'm hoping the cooler will help keep them more like 80 degrees Celcius, but is there anything I can do to help keep my laptop cool? I have it on a 4 20 oz pop caps, one on each corner, to help elevate it a little until my cooler comes in.
  3. I've gotten both GPUs to show up in Nvidia Inspector by installing the drivers from March. It sometimes keeps working after a reboot other times it doesn't, it would be nice to not have to deal with it. But there definitely is a way to get it working again
  4. May I ask why you went back to Windows 7? Just because you don't like Windows 8, or another reason?
  5. Personally I use the Lenovo Ideapad Y510P and It's quite the power house. It has a 4700MQ and GT 750 SLI. If you play most main stream games you don't have to worry about SLI compatibility. I haven't played a game that couldn't be on high/ultra and get at least 30 FPS. I see 75FPS in Skyrim with 20+ graphic mods including 2k texures. I also overclocked both GPUs +135Mhz and Memory OC by 400Mhz.
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