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  1. It has nothing to do with your Windows installation.
  2. Thank you for the development! Is this mod compatible with the 755M version?
  3. For me it's 80.07.A8.00.0F according to GPU-Z (mine is a single, 755M GPU system) on 3.05.
  4. Thank you! How does that work? Is the vbios for the first GPU fused with the BIOS?
  5. 2.04 whitelist only meaning no GPU overclocking beyond the 135mhz factory limit?
  6. gyerelufy

    Install mac os x on your y500 hackintosh

    y510p theoritically IS capable of running OSX, the new Haswells are supported in the Maverick build.
  7. Is there any way we could just mod the BIOS ourselves? Slv7 seems to be quite busy.
  8. Hi! I've got a y510p (755M version) with a BIOS version 2.04. Do you recommend fhaslhing the unlocked 2.04 BIOS found in this topic?
  9. Hi! I've got a y510P from the new batch with 755M, but this one has got the BIOS version 2.04. Is there going to be support for it?

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