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  1. I get the next error: PICTURE_LINK PDR Region does not exist. GBE Region does not exist. Error 28: Protected Range Registers are currently set by BIOS, preventing flash access. Please contact the target system BIOS vender for an option to disable Protected Range Registers. Update: Started from the start again, its working normaly now. Maybe a file was corrupt with copying. Update: Intel Wireless Advanced N 6235 is working flawless. Ty svl7 , the hero.
  2. [h=1]Tenacious D - Tribute, this dudes are awesome. [/h]
  3. Custom build. Making something total with ur own taste is the best. But ALDI MEDION has sometimes some good computers. Dell Alienware.
  4. Windows 8 is not that bad, i can life with the it. But when i heard that windows 8.1 include some startmenu and some better updates i dont think its necessary to go back to windows 7. Im using Windows 8 with start8 and a 128 Curcial M4 SSD. Edit: Sorry for some miss info.
  5. Flashing the mod v 2.04 on bios 2.04 is still possible without any problem?
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