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  1. I would like to see the updated numbers, My card likes to randomly drop to limited connection and I have to disconnect and reconnect. Not fun when in a middle of the game. Going to probably install the intel 6300 soon. Not too worried about losing Bluetooth.
  2. So does the y500 auto sense the mSATA? I thought I read somewhere where it doesn't sense it when trying to do an install to make it the boot drive. Did you have to do anything special?
  3. Yeah I guess if the trackpad was as good as a macbooks then I would possibly use it more, but I mostly use the laptop for gaming, so a mouse is needed.
  4. Will I need this bios for the Intel Centrino 6300 wireless card? I have an extra, but would like to know before unscrewing everything. Thanks!
  5. I haven't noticed any issues with mine, but I also tend to use to a mouse when using the laptop. Do you have one of the original trackpads that was made by a different company?
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