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  1. I am rather curious, the 970m 6GB card I got for my m17xR4 was from an Alienware 18, given the machine it is used in right now, would it be best to flash the Alienware 18 vBios for the card? I have the Clevo vBios flashed, lets me overclock and go bananas but power throttles once it hits 105 Watts. (35% TDP via GPU-Z). A curiosity as I want to push this card and not worry about the wattage as much, I have a 330W Brick at my disposal and the card hits maybe 66-68 *C under load. I just want to see what this card is capable of and see how it compares to his 980m,
  2. Hello everybody, running into a few tiny problems here and there with my newfound joy (a 970M 6GB MXM card). So basically I have a nice 120Hz 3D M17xR4 and followed all the steps to install the 970M to replace my 680M which I managed to OC to 1050Mhz from the 719Mhz Core clock. This card performs MUCH better and being able to utilize more than 2GB of VRam is a big boon indeed. Everything installed properly, did all the steps, all is running flawlessly except for one thing... Given my system and card above, I followed what people have said and installed GTX970M_6GB_MXM_OC_PM v2. I gained the ability to overclock as stated and Power Throttling should be disabled. My issue though... I am getting PerfCap Pwr as the throttle reason. Which if I understood, Power Throttling should be disabled. Power Consumption %TDP is going over 30, which then throttles. When looking at HWiNFO64 it said the card was consuming over 100Watts when it happened. I can maintain 1200Mhz with 0mv, and raising the voltage just makes the issue happen sooner (due to increasing power draw). Also, this card is only reaching 156.2*F under heavy load as such, until it throttles. What I am wondering, is what can I do. This card did come out of an AW18, and the Throttle is my only issue. I do not even have to use a fan control program to force the GPU fan on, unlike the other card in my friends AW18 (Tried card #2 first, no fan). vBios is [Modified]. Device ID is 10DE-13D8 // Subvendor 1028. Card comes up as 057B1028 in the device info section.
  3. OK so here is my predicament. I recently installed a nice shiny GTX 970m on my M17x-R4 laptop. Everything works fine, with the exception of the fan needing to be manually controlled by hwinfo64 and if I leave the system to monitor its own fans then the GPU fan never engages and will overheat. I have already installed a modified driver for the card. The 970m idles at 35*C with my fan profiles and under load hits 55-60*C tops normally with the max OC (+135 Core) allowed. What I am wondering since I have to run the system in UEFI Mode instead of the standard bios, am I able to load a custom VBios without breaking anything to allow for some serious overclocking since my card runs extremely cool as it is? ** the card did come out of an AW18. It was the secondary card. ** Any suggestions will help, trying to fine tune this machine to be even more crazy than it already is for being 3+years old. Thanks.
  4. Same, haven't been around for a while *grumbles*forgot my login info...*mumbles*... So I need to get promoted semi soon to keep the glorious 680m running as strong as it can...or until I blow the motherboard again while its still warrantied... Had to send my Alienware m17xR4 to the depot for repairs... motherboard capacitor shot itself in the foot and took everything on it out when it went. So its all being replaced and essentially another R4 is being sent back to me and I need to get the 680m Dell overvolt/OC bios again. The best OC I had on that 680m that died on me was 925 Core / 2400 Mem. Near the end when the capacitor blew it wouldn't even hold steady at 875/2000. Games like GuildWars2 would just repeatedly Crash to Desktop and repeated video driver failures. Running on a G73jh right now and the only thing keeping it semi relevant is the 980XM CPU that it has inside and dear god can I feel the difference in how much weaker the 5870m ATI card is... its making me cry on the inside. *Edit* and now it magically promoted me, funny. Seriously though, the m17x R4 is still a beast of a machine. Survived 3 years of me overclocking the dickens out of it and aside from that catastrophic failure, went strong right until a week before it went.
  5. If it stutters and freezes up, it could be a number of things: • Bad Overclock of CPU/GPU • Lack of proper power supply (too few Watts for new card) • Bad drivers for anything on computer (or vbios for GPU) • Bad videocard Best thing to do is go back to stock speeds, try a different video driver, check if there's any updates for drivers. There's a lot to check.
  6. I agree, it is quite the workhorse of a card. Imagine what the next generation could do.
  7. The CPU is hard-coded to not be over lockable unless you play with the Bclk. Nothing can be done to tweak that. Even if you could, the CPU would not take.
  8. for the i7-3xxxQM series CPUs it can be a tad tricky. Anything below 3720QM, you are stuck to its specifics and cannot go any higher unless you increase the BCLK. The only issue there is the most you will see is maybe a 5% increase in performance that way. Now once you get to a 3720QM and higher, you can, if the Bios permits, or if ThrottleStop is installed, you can push the CPU 400Mhz higher than it is set to run. My 3740QM runs at 3.5ghz on all 4 cores, 3.6ghz on 2 cores and 3.7ghz on a single core. With ThrottleStop, or TS, I am running at 3.9ghz on 4 cores, and so on. Once you hit the XM line of CPU, then you can push it as long and hard as you have the available juice and heat dissipation.
  9. Just picked me up a m17x R4 with a 680m in it and even with the non OverVolt option it opens the card up decently. Sorta bummed that when I tried running a few tests that the driver seized up on me, tried a bold and brazen +200/+200 OC and 3DMark11 didnt like it on the last test. Would the Overvolt version make much of a difference there, or is this card just not capable of higher tier clocking. ((Note: Havent posted really, so unable to download your Overvolting Epicness variant))
  10. If anyone is still looking, the CoolerMaster Storm Sirus 5.1 sounds pretty good. And the software included when you use the USB Connection (Can do 5.1 analog also), is top notch to me.
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