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  1. you need to reflash vbios to MSI VBIOS 770m for DELL card
  2. you can check ec version on bios t16 is most unlocked option what you can get
  3. Helllo It's possible to raise/remove TDP limitation ? Because for example in 920mhz core its throttling. Thanks in advance ps Maybe ID from dell to MSI because i use it in msi gt60 and without proper id card not shutdown completly
  4. m6000 its like 5870m -not 6970m and m6000 from dell (probably only one available) works with 1gen/2gen msi GT m61000 (in my case ) not works in msi 1gen gt and its slower than 7970m for sure
  5. why you need to remove it ? better sell complete heatsink if you really don't want to use that heatpiipe
  6. maybe wrong EC ? or need to reflash it ?
  7. why is stuck at 100% ? something dead or what?
  8. how you know that bios is 4MB not 8MB ? maybe flash tool wrong detect it ?
  9. what thermal paste you use ? probably not contact to good between gpu core and heatsink
  10. its from clevo that heatsink to bottom side of card to cool vram and other chips, Im not sure if they can be mounted in MSI because of differencies in mounting
  11. what wrong with that ? Hey man! Done. Zippyshare.com - MSI.GTX675M.2048.120412.rom
  12. it's clevo/msi card or dell ? - - - Updated - - - it's clevo/msi card or dell ?
  13. fanspeed not helps in this case - you need to disable in bios dedicated gpu its for sure available but probably hidden , amibcp im used in gt60 3gen few times, friend use in gt70 also 3gen - then in compatible
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