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  1. Here's my run using the same clocks http://www.3dmark.com/compare/3dm11/11567233/3dm11/11567165 Win7 beats Win10 physics+combined scores by about 7-8.9%. However in the graphics test, it is losing at double-digit percentages except graphics test number 4. We need @Prema mod to make it work like the one below gtx 980 Win7 vs Win10 http://www.3dmark.com/compare/3dm11/11251942/3dm11/11244048
  2. Well he said on post#10320193 that when he elevated the back the temps are now manageable (75C). No mentioning of removing the foils though because it was referring to the original p870dm. The 6700k needs to be undervolted, the guy used -150mv in his unit. I'm thinking of getting one too
  3. @Meaker, how soon before you get your unit?
  4. Does the new 120Hz screen support 3d vision just like it was with the AW17 R1?
  5. The backside of the PCB alsohas empty slots for memory. 16GB anyone?
  6. Any news about the 200W 1080? How many phases do you think will it have?
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