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  1. I recently bought Lenovo Y500 (SLI 650M) due to it's better processor and better balanced configuration. But now I am concerned about the problem with gaming on battery on Y500 (underclocking gpu to 135/405 mhz), so I am bothered if this problem is on MSI GX60 too, or is this downlocking but not idling clocks.
  2. No. It can be upgraded to any of entry-level i7 (like 3610qm, 3630qm or 2630qm). Of course no the XM-version or higher QM version (3720 for example). And in my country this i7 3610qm was for only 100$ (but used).
  3. Hi! I have read several forums when they are dealing with this problem, and I found here that there is a BIOS MOD to Overclock the gpu(s). Is this possible to overclock in P8 Performance Level from what I read in Nvidia Inspector after flash the modded bios. For now without flashed bios I manage to overclock one of the gpus (I have sli 650M) memory to 800 mhz Thanks in advance.
  4. Is this mod allow to overclock the gpu while it stay on battery (to for example 500 mhz on gpu and 1000 mhz on memory), because it can't be play on baterry in any of the games even on low
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