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  1. Right mouse click on the exe file you want to run and then choose to run it with nvidia video cards. For ati's cards go to CCC and control that powerplay is actived and set to "performance". Then again right click on the exe you want to run and... cheers
  2. Is it compatible with P150EM? cheers
  3. You can use any BR drives in your laptop. Where did you buy it?Mine (santech N77 - P150EM) got from Santech website has this: Blu-ray SuperMulti 6X (BD-RW/DVD+/-RW/CD-RW). I choose it from the options of the configurator menu. cheers
  4. I've purchased 3 months ago a Santech N77 (Clevo P150EM) laptop. With the factory bios I have had noise problems not only during full load of cpu but also several times while browsing. After upgrading to the latest stock bios my laptop work like a charme! Now the fan works only when needed... cheers
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