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  1. Hi djsolid, Have you tried this bios?? you tried above bios??, Is better?
  2. Yes, I see what you say about GT4. I do not understand. A few days ago I did a benchmark with original bios with rig 1150> 4770k, see it. The original bios with more slow core and .... the gt4 is better .
  3. This bios: Nvidia GTX 780 - - 'OC edition v00' My Asic is 65.6% can teach your benchmark? i think my benchmark is very good for one gtx 780
  4. Confirmed!!. This bios works with Gigabyte Gtx 780 windforce OC and Very Well!!
  5. Melk you have a gtx 780 windforce oc?? You flashed bios?, which is??
  6. Had no record of it, is a patch in windows?
  7. I have a 4770k Batch L312, 4800 in windows, but don't benchmark whith it. I change thermal past to IHS, now is better but not to much ...... The temperatures are not very high, but I can not up more the cpu frecuency, i don't know how. I have msi mpower max. You know some guide?? how to set this bios?? Thanks
  8. Sorry, I'm confused and i not see it. I have trisli windforce GTX 780 OC. There are some "bios" modified to improve performance.
  9. Hi!! Yesterday came!!,here are the mine: First Benchmarks I have to work more in this benchmarks ...... : 47_002:
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