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  1. Still getting the same error with Clover 2795 I think we need a patched kernel for this model ...
  2. Yes I have used the dsdt. I have installed the unlocked bios from this forum. I will try removing the ultrabay GPU EDIT: removed but problem is still there...
  3. Thanks for your work, but I'm getting kernel panic due to some ACPI driver. cpu 0 caller 0xffffff8000658b61 I have tried several bootargs as well but I couldn't get working. Can you please help me?
  4. I suspect that the disabled HD4000 could be the problem in Y500 with 3.gen Intel processors.
  5. The only way to get everything working is to update bios? Isn't that too dagerous? Can I dual-boot Ubuntu and Windows 8 after bios upgrade? Thanks for the answers.
  6. I saw Prometheus but I don't like it at all, becuse it wasn't a true sci-fi or alien film it was between the two. However I'm looking for the next part
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