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  1. Omas,I think it's possible because it will cause no interference + your note gonna support it.
  2. A lot of updates till 13,if I'm correct appeared...many improvments since the game release...so it's a bit of free bugs now... I like the wide world feeling...you can do anything you want whenever you want )
  3. Just bought it 2 weeks ago,saved a lot of money to buy this but it's a total worth. I bought it because good SLI profile with Far cry 3...Nvidia is messin' with those too much and for nothing really :| And with this beauty my windows 7 note raised up to 7.1 ))
  4. I still can't believe that price is real :| the tehnology is improving that fast!You don't even know if to buy this now,wait for a better one or wait till the price goes down :| Still the first benchmark was misunderstood ) the other one posted is real.
  5. The FPS limit can be usefull when your FPS goes around 30-60,above those it's useless and can cause unwanted shuttering or slow responsivness. If you want to use it in those valors 30-60 you can cap the fps to 40 so it will stop at 40 and get rid of unwanted micro shutterings.. Anyway depends on your pc and game graphics tho',so don't want too many improvments
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