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  1. Get 5 posts, wait a few hours, ?????, profit
  2. You are literally the ONLY person who cares/wants this. I'm sure svl7 has a lot better things to do with his free time than to cater just your needs. You have also been ranting about this to other users here about being the "only" change from v00 to v03. How about not responding to these questions until you actually read what the differences are or have something constructive to add? They are in this thread..... v00 wont work with Elpida memory, v03 has adjusted fan profiles from v02 @Sv7 Can you please include the older versions of you vBIOS on the first page so Dice will stop complaining?
  3. Very excited to see if this can be implemented at the BIOS level to unlock non classy cards. The biggest downfall to using the Afterburner method of getting to 1.3v is its stuck at those voltages 24/7.
  4. Correct, the BIOS is designed to work with both so there is no way of knowing unless you pop off the heatsink and take a look at the actual chip. Either that or just try to load the 1st BIOS that came out, if it breaks the card then you have Elpida.
  5. That's what Precision X is for. you can download it off the EVGA website.
  6. Hi svl7, I have the answer to that question. My card will do 1019 MHz with 2d content but as soon as I fire up a game or a 3d render test it goes to where I set it to be clocked at in Precision X. Thanks again for all your hard work on these BIOS's. You have really saved the FPS day! -Striker444
  7. Since others posted the inspector I will exclude it from mine. This BIOS is working great with my EVGA 780 ACX SC. Thank you!
  8. To the folks having issues overclocking their memory with this BIOS, I have some additional findings. Found my max GPU clock was 1215mhz and memory was only 1584mhz. Took the GPU down to 1200mhz and was able to bump the memory to 1758mhz. I did see a noticeable improvement, about 5% for benchmarks and about 2-4 FPS increase in Crysis 3. Not bad for taking the GPU down 15mhz but upping the memory 174mhz.
  9. The only time I have seen the modified bios do this is with Vsync on, what are your framerates?
  10. Went back to my stock BIOS, since the highest I can get the voltages on my stock bios is 1.187 volts the highest I can get my GPU is 1175MHz. However the RAM goes MUCH MUCH higher, I have been testing it at 1749MHz (I think it can go much higher, this was some random super high number I dialed it in at) verses the modded bios which the highest I can hit in RAM is 1584 MHz. Something is defiantly going on with the RAM speeds in the new vBIOS, if this can be resolved, this card would be amazing.
  11. I've been noticing this too. Looking forward to seeing if this can be adjusted. Also ran into a weird issue, if I put my memory at around +170ish I notice my framerates will actually drop after about 20 min of gaming, like 10-20 FPS in some cases. Could only get it to run correctly at +166 and below. I did try running it at +400 just for kicks, ran Crysis 3 for about 4 min then crashed. Card is running at 63c max,
  12. Fast & Furious 6, if you expect lame quotes and some bad acting, its a pretty good movie!
  13. I'm personally waiting for the D-Link DGL-5500. They have been saying its coming out in "Spring 2013" so they have what? just over 2 weeks to go till they are liars lol. I am a huge fan of their gamerlounge products and this is suppose to have it's QoS technology based on Bigfoot.
  14. Nice work on this! My 5750 fan bearings went and I noticed the voltage ratings when replacing it. And I thought the only decent mod was the unlocked BIOS!, Again well done.
  15. Extremely happy with my Monoprice 1440p IPS LED display. Got it for $320 and was a huge upgrade from my 1200p. Not too big and enough of a rez to not bog down most games at max settings.
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