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  1. So I upgraded to windows 8.1 today, bad idea. SLI doesn't work anymore with new drivers. It also seems like I am not the only one having this problem with Lenovo Y510p/Y500 machines. See here: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/608174/sli/windows-8-1-no-sli/ Anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this problem from 8 to 8.1? They are basically the same os with some extra's thrown in, right? The cards are doing really weird stuff in device manager every boot / driver re-install as well. From code 43 on the second graphics card to both not showing up at all. Have tried re installing the driver many times to no success. (If people really want to discuss this heavily I will start a new thread to avoid clogging this one.)
  2. your best bet then would be to go digging through the configuration for your card and try re installing the drivers. Otherwise you could run a wake event recorder to figure out exactly how/why the card is telling the computer to wake up. If you disable the card in device manager, does your computer still wake up? oh, and I haven't been able to find any good teardown's of the Y510p (of a production model, one for a prototype exists), so I may go ahead and do a Ifixit / Video style teardown. Then maybe I can identify some of the controller chips and other important parts. Also, does anyone know why Lenovo didn't include a mute button compared to the Y580? (previous computer) Because not having one is extremely annoying as I used to use it all the time.
  3. Huh, and it goes to sleep just fine when you remove the card? You may try and see if WOL is activated in the bios and your card is triggering that for some reason. Otherwise It would have to be some sort of hardware interrupt that I wouldn't know about. Your problem doesn't seem to be a problem with the card itself as no-one else seems to have had this problem with this card. maybe try this; How to Find Out What's Keeping Your Computer from Going to Sleep ? Your computer seems like it is making it to sleep though and just being forced to wake up right away. I have had the same problem with several wireless mice but not to this extent.
  4. I have done this, and it works wonderfully. I can get 4-5 hours of battery life on power saver mode just browsing the web and watching videos, until I plug the ultra-bay graphics card in again to game. It is now getting quite annoying to switch between "power saving" and "power hog", as each transition requires a shutdown, removal of battery and swapping in or out of the ultra-bay. Is there any way to selectively disable the GTX750's from the OS and switch between them and Intel graphics 4600? Or will I have to keep switching out my second GTX 750? I am a hardware guy so I can help see if this is possible from a hardware standpoint, but the writing & understanding the inner working's of software (Except for Amtel microcontrollers) is my weak point. Also; You should be able to fix this rather easily. Your new 7260 is waking up your computer right after it goes to sleep for some reason. what you will need to do is find the 7260 in device manager, go to Properties> Power management, and deselect "Allow this device to wake this computer". This should fix your problem. Oh, and thanks slv7 for the bios mod. Works perfectly on my rig. Now if only I can figure out how to manually control the fan speed as well....
  5. Teslafly

    Y580 fan control

    I have the y580 and am looking for the same as well. We know the fan can be controlled by software and that it does not normally run at full speed except for the dust extraction mode, but I cannot figure out how to control it either. If you want I could probably do some data sniffing / oscilloscope tracing when I take the computer apart to repaste the cpu/gpu. to try and find the part # of the fan controller chip. Then we can find the datasheet and controls for it, but otherwise sniffing in the way you did is our best hope. What program did you use by the way? I have been unable to even get that much out of the computer via software so far.
  6. I currently have a y580, but have a friend wanting to buy it and am looking at the y500. Is there any way to manually control the fan speeds? I know in my y580 that the fans run 60% or so maxed out by the system temps. at least compared to the speed they ramp to with the "fan dust extraction" setting (which proves software control of fans is possible) even with my modded bios. If you dont care about noise (or wear headphones) then setting the fan/s to 100% would probably help temps a lot.
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