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  1. Just increased voltage for P8, P5 and P2 power states. Some users had some stability issues cause their reference P8, P5 and P2 voltage was too low and they ended up getting greenscreens and ugly stuff like that. Should be stable for everyone now. There is no need to update if it was stable for you before.
  2. Whats wrong with the 780 OC Edition v03? If it's just about the clock speeds, imagine 100 people requesting a modded bios for their prefered clock speeds. You're card uses a reference pcb, OC Edition v03 is all you need.
  3. Use the non downsampling version and wait for a fix. Don't ever edit a svl-7 bios, atleast if you don't know what you're doing.
  4. The voltage for the lower power states is just not high enough. Many cards have these problems with the downsampling version of the bios. You'll need something like 0.912V for every power state except P0. I already told svl7 about that, but it seems he's kinda busy right now.
  5. That doesn't work. 1.21V is the bios limit, setting it to a higher value would have no effect.
  6. Some people from german hardware-forums already tried this. Performance drops under gtx 780-standards. Wouldn't recommend it
  7. It will drop to 901Mhz if utilisation is too low, which is normal and you shouldn't worry about that. Looks like you have v3.
  8. You can tell which version your using by trying to undervolt your card. Afaik you can't undervolt below 1.15V with v2. Downclocking is normal if gpu-utilisation is too low. If you change the driver setting to maximum performance you'll always get the baseclock which should be 901mhz with this bios. If you choose adaptive it'll drop below 901mhz if u have a low gpu-utilization. You were able to buy svl7 a peer in the past, dunno why the donation button has been removed from the threads/his profile. I hope he has enough beer
  9. Any updates on an Titan ACX Edition? I played a bit with the reference bios. I think it should be enough to lower the fanspeed of v3 of your bios to 20%. That should make the fan curve behave less agressive, too. i hope you find the time to do this, there is no way i'm going back to reference bios or any other bios with boost after using your bios for several months now. greetings
  10. Use Afterburner OSD, any other tool with read bios information. Only Afterburner reads voltage directly from the NCP.
  11. Yeah with the latest version of msi afterburner just look it up on google.
  12. I just don't see the problem here. Just fix a lower p-state with nvidia inspector.
  13. You can't modify the bios with that tool, it will brick your card. (no signal). Why would you need an underclock mode when the card still uses it's p-states with this bios?
  14. He can't get a signal out of his card after flashing your bios (v3). (he posted it on hardwareluxx) That's the same that happened to newer revision cards with older versions of your bios, right?
  15. Upload the bios of your gtx 780 and send it to svl7, i'm sure he will take a look at it if he has some free time. Looks like there is a never revision of cards out there.
  16. Afterburner should read correct voltage for the afterburner voltage "hack", you can give up to 1.319v (1300mv in afterburner). You'll need a water cooler that cools the vrm section of the card otherwise you'll fry your vrms sooner or later, even if the gpu itself stays at 83° or lower if you use water cooling.
  17. If you have a high end water cooling loop and very good cooling on the vrms of the card then go for 1.3V 24/7. If you are on air don't even think of using more than the "normal" 1.21V for daily use. You can still do some benchmarks on air with 1.3V and LLC disabled but don't freak out if brick your card with that, just be careful. Another thing to mention would be the power draw of the card, the power target on svl7's bios mods isn't enough for more than 1.25V with clock speeds over 1250mhz. You have to use the engineering bios thats floating around the web (be careful, there are corrupt versions of this floating around too) or use skyn3ts bios mod that allows 440Watt PT.
  18. Hi there. I installed an EVGA ACX Cooler on my Titan today. Works great so far but idle RPM with your bios is ~1600 RPM wich is quite high. Any Chance to get an update with lowered Idle speeds for ACX Titan users? thanks
  19. [settings] VDDC_Generic_Detection = 0 VDDC_NCP4206_Detection = 3:20h This works for my Titan. Can set 1300 mv in Afterburner. OSD shows me varying values between 1.25V-1.26V. Almost reached the Powertarget of the svl7 Bios with Unigine Valley and 1306 Mhz.
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