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  1. Hello There, i finally had time to flash the bios sucessfull, the new version works like a charm, not a single problem since yesterday. I went straight to OC'ing, theese are my 24/7 results : Before : http://puu.sh/97Mxi/157c9d3d38.jpg After : 83.3 FPS AVG Great work! , and i found what made the problems while flashing. The NV-Flash guide should be updated, the DOS commandline doesn't recognize the command -nvflash -6 ... the newest version only recognizes nvflash "ROMNAME" , if you do it like in the guide, it will say that you have to download a newer version of NVflash (Which isn't true because you already have the newest version, you are just using outdated commands).
  2. Hmm okay, is there any way to fix it myself or should i simply go with the non downsampling version and wait for a fix?
  3. Hello there, i just flashed my titan yesterday. I used the OC bios with Extreme downsampling. I have flashed the FW through a bootable usb drive. Now i didn't do any oc to my card, all i did was i created a 4K downsampling res to see if it works and thats all. (I was still running FHD) . After 20 minutes -> driver crash , then again driver crash, restart -> 20 mins and a greenscreen. I just flashed back to the original bios. Could this be a bug in the bios (should i try the single oc bios?) or is my card not capable to use this bios? (Afaik the clock rates and stuff is still the same or?, i can't figure out why its unstable for me running stock speeds and voltage). GTX Titan (1 - not BE) from EVGA.
  4. Hey there, i tried to flash my titan, but it gives me this error :/ I replaced the nvflash bios with some new files but that gave me the same message. (Tested 5.142 and 5.127 and 5.163) Somone knows how to get rid of this error?
  5. Use EVGA Precision X for a custom Fan curve, unlock the fan controller in the settings and adjust your 'C & RPM ratio.
  6. Gains on a third card are almost non existent, microstuttering could get a smaller problem but thats all. CPU limit is a bad thing ...
  7. If we take a look at 4K , then a TITAN is the best thing to run that res with at the moment, i would go for a cheap card if you ask me.
  8. I also can't take a look at the attachment, but its a matter of your mainboard, some boards can run 2 x 16x and some can only run 2x4 (electric). I got the M-IVE which runs 3 x 8 with my 2700K, even the board could run 3 x 16 , my CPU would limit that because the sandybridge chipset is not capable to run at theese multiple high lanes.
  9. I used the ACX which was really quite and easy to mount. Got it really cheap for around 20€ on ebay. But if you are lucky to find one, don't forget to buy some fresh thermal grease
  10. Yes thats possible and not a problem, but note that the card will only use 2GB instead of 4 ... If you choose a 2Gig Card.
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