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  1. Thank you so much! That looks like a perfect solution. Can you tell me who made the caddy? model?
  2. Thanks so much for this! I had been trying to get ubuntu to boot for two days without luck. I followed these instructions and was able to at least get Ubuntu studio to run from the live CD but I was not able to get it to actually install to the hard disk yet. I was also able to get fedora to run from the live cd but unable to install directly either. I am sure it is something simple I am overlooking.
  3. I made it out of aluminum, I tried to post a video of how I made it but it was deleted and I was accused of double posting and charged with 9 points. I am sorry for upsetting the administration. It was not a double post. I should have put it here instead of where I did. I am new to this forum and should have been more careful. If you want more info on how I built this please message me.
  4. That is a very cool idea! I wonder if building a shroud around the fan to direct the suction more exactly at the vent, would provide even better cooling?
  5. I am excited about learning how to overclock and modify my machines. I am not new to computers but I am new to the whole overclocking thing. Learning how to do this is what brought me to this forum. I am sure it will become a new obsession. (As if I didn't already have enough!! LOL!!) I just bought this Y 500 Levono last week and im already messing with it. I also have an ipad, and three phones that I have rooted and modified. I just cant leave things well enough alone. Anyway I am glad I found these forums, I am sure you guys will save my butt. A little more about me for what it's worth..... I am an amateur science buff. I am a Christian, I enjoy Hiking (backpacking) and outdoor survival type activities as well hunting, fishing and the like. For the past couple of years I have been making ultralight backpacking cook-stoves and lanterns as well as camping hammocks and fly-fishing equipment (Rods, reels, and flies). I own a small machine shop and a watch repair facility so I can build all sorts of fun stuff. Well that's enough rambling. Thanks again for the warm welcome!
  6. This is a Ultralight alcohol backpacking stove I designed and built. Not a funny video but mildly interesting I suppose. If anyone wants to build their own stove just message me for instructions.
  7. Hi, I am a Master watchmaker, outdoorsman, Christian and wannabe computer geek from NH. I am enjoying reading the forum posts and look forward to being a part of the community.
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