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  1. Some months ago I flashed svl7 8.01 modded BIOS to my Y580. It works really great, but some time ago my GTX 660m disappeared. I tried everything related to drivers and BIOS settings. Do you have any idea of what can cause it? How to solve it??
  2. This apply to me?? - - - Updated - - - I'm sure I checked all bios itens. Anything else?
  3. I AM site I did it! Anything else?? - - - Updated - - - This applies to my case? Of missing GTX?
  4. Anyone experienced issues with the GTX 660m disapearing after modded BIOS? Mine disapeared, and I tryed everything related with BIOS and Drivers. Have any other clue but hardware, now I'm running only with HD4000. Anything that may help me?
  5. rnt0

    install MacOSX

    You will not get everything to work, like dual VGA, but everything else is possible... maybe you have to switch your wifi card or use a USB dongle... Go to tonyosx forum and read read and read
  6. rnt0

    y580 Touchpad issues

    I removed the cooper piece for isolation and putted some isolating tape. No results. Also I tryed sanding the plastic around, again, no results. I guess the problem is in the flat cable or connectors. beacause now it works sometimes, and after a couple of minutes it stops. Suggestions?
  7. rnt0

    y580 Touchpad issues

    I putted a folded paper under my touchpad to avoid the connector of disattaching, it solved the problem but the clicking is impossible. Only tapping available. I will disassembly everything and try to fix the original fixing. Aparently all lenovo y500 series have this issues
  8. rnt0

    y580 Touchpad issues

    Gonna Try this solution!! Thanks
  9. rnt0

    y580 Touchpad issues

    Hey guys, I have my y580 that I bought refurbished from lenovo in US. Thing is I live in Brazil, and they do not have support for this model over here, so RMA is not available 2 months from the day I bought it, the touchpad started to present some flickering and random stoppings, I already did some research online and found out it is a common issue. recently it stopped at all. I'm not sure what is failing, the touchpad, flat cable or some connector, any thoughts of where to look first?
  10. a million ways to die in west!! Kind of a nice movie!!
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