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    Dell recently posted a new BIOS for the M11x R3 on their support site - A05. Grab it here: M11x R3 - BIOS A05 Release notes: Since that's only half the fun I also unlocked the hidden menus, see attachment. As always with modified BIOS - use at your own risk, don't change anything you aren't familiar with. _ M11x-R3_A05_[unlocked].zip
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    Version 1.0.0


    This file is an unlocked version of A05 BIOS from Dell for the Alienware M11x R3 Files contained in this archive: READ ME.txt M11x R3 - A05 [unlocked].exe To learn more about how to use the files in this archive, please visit the thread below: Donation link In case you want to buy me a beer Thanks and cheers!


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    HP Elitebook 6930P - P8600@3.33Ghz + GTX770/R9-280X at x1/x1.Opt/x1E/x2 14" Elitebook 6930P circa 2008 Intel Core2Duo P8600-2.4@3.33Ghz, AMD eGPU with 29% PCIe overclock, NVidia eGPU with 20% PCIe overclock 4GB RAM Software: Win7-64bit + Setup 1.30 for all AMD or NVidia-x2 implementations. NVidia 306.97 + modded INF to add GTX770 x1.Opt support. port layout as shown: wifi=port2, expresscard=port3, WWAN/PCIe=port4 (disabled by default by bios) iGPU: 4500MHD eGPU: GTX770 and R9 280X adapter: PE4H 2.4a + EC2C. x2 mode requires an additional PM3N. PSU: ATX Installation x1 NVidia: is plug and play. No Setup 1.x required, though can use it as shown. This is the simplest and least expensive way to go. x2 NVidia: requires Setup 1.x to switch port to x2, configuration as shown x1/x1E/x2 AMD: requires Setup 1.x to perform PCI compaction and switch port to x2, configuration as shown-x1 and shown-x2. Easiest way of getting x2 going is to wire up the mPCIe port, use Setup 1.30 to switch to x2 mode, then hotplug the powered eGPU into the expresscard slot. Hit F5 to detect it in x2 link mode. Note: Any x1E/x2 configuration sets port1=x2 and port3=x2. That means onboard wifi as part of port2 gets closed off. If wanting concurrent wifi with x2/x1E then need additional USB wifi. Performance Below we evaluate x2 1.0 versus x1 1.0. In addition, AMD offers a x1E mode (port is x2, but only using one lane). For more comparative performance see the x1 2.0, x1.1Opt and x1 1.0 results at http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/2747-%5Bguide%5D-12-dell-e6230-gtx660%40x1-2opt-hd7870%40x1-2-pe4l-ec060a-2-1b.html#post37197 R9 280X x2 1.0 : 3dmark06=16001, 3dmark11=9786, RE5=101.1 x1E : 3dmark06=15851, 3dmark11=9230, RE5=99.4 x1 1.0 : 3dmark06=15436, 3dmark11=8662, RE5=92.3 GTX770 results x1E and x1 gives the same result meaning there is no x1E mode for newer NVidia series. x1.Opt with a 4500MHD iGPU requires downgrading to 306.97 driver as discussed at http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/6253-t500-compat-q-4500mhd-optimus-ends-306-97whql.html#post85924 since newer drivers no longer engage the x1 pci-e compression. Notice the loss of 3dmark11 performance with the 340.43->306.97 downgrade. x2 1.0 : 3dmark06=10984, 3dmark11=9845, RE5=89.2 x1.Opt : 3dmark06=15600, 3dmark11=8558, RE5=88.5 x1 1.0 : 3dmark06=6706, 3dmark11=9100, RE5= 81.6 Conclusion The 6930P is an older platform that does suprisingly well with an eGPU attached. The best value solution being any x1-capable eGPU adapter (PE4L 1.5/2.1, EXP GDC), a NVidia Fermi/Keplar and the 306.97 driver. Acquiring a more pricey x2 capable eGPU adapter (PE4H 2.4, PE4C 2.x) providing immediate x1 performance plus upgradability to x2 if wanting more.
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