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    In this thread you can post your requests for Lenovo Y50-70, Lenovo Y70-70, Lenovo Z50-70, Lenovo Z70-70, Lenovo G50-70, Lenovo G70-70. If someone want upgrade Wi-Fi card and remove whitelist, or unlock hidden additional menus and settings in bios setup menu, or unlocked vbios for overclock NVIDIA card, then you can post your request in this thread. Also, if you have a problem with fan pulsating/clicking on any modified bios then you can post your request in this thread. The flashing procedure include two steps: 1. Flash main system bios. 2. Flash EC firmware.
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    This sounds very much like a hardware-related problem. Not sure if it actually matters what engine the game you're playing is using. Seems like the GPU just crashes or malfunctions in some other way intermittently. I would start with un-plugging both adapter and the GPU itself and blowing the connectors with plenty of compressed air before reassembly. Additionally, you should check the soldering on both ends of the adapter for cracks or other defects. Then, I would recommend to try replacing the power supply. It would be my number one suspect at the moment as you've mentioned that more demanding games at higher settings generally crash more. Moreover, other people here have also seen intermittent issues due to what turned out to be a bad PSU. I hope that helps. Please let me know about any progress with the issue.
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