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    This is not a mod, this is just underclock. Title couldn't be more misleading.... Let me show you a real mod: Cut out original fan Cut out AW fan, and glue it into original fan shroud Other side: Valley stress test: Valley + TS bench No laptop cooler,or anything, just slightly elevated chassis With this, been able to use 4930MX@4Ghz for gaming...
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    With the modded bios you also able to change it. But without setup 1.3 it was't stable for me. Sent from my ZTE A2017U using Tapatalk
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    I haven't had BSOD with the official F1.B however, I was on this FW already. It basically costs nothing to flash the modded bios. Maybe you will run into problems using the default BIOS and without setup 1.x because the mPCIe port for WIFI module is whitelisted as far as I know. Above ShOOm set the link to gen1 and had no BSOD after. If you want I can upload the modded BIOS in the morning after I'm arrive home. I try to find it now but no "official" source so I just don't want to share something I never tried.
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