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  1. As far as my understanding, you are using a different BIOS. That's an RSA signed bios. You won't have any luck modding those. You will need to make your own thread at the Provisional Guides section and ask for help there. Unfortunately I don't know much about hot-plug installation. Cheers, mrmegtette
  2. With the modded bios you also able to change it. But without setup 1.3 it was't stable for me. Sent from my ZTE A2017U using Tapatalk
  3. I haven't had BSOD with the official F1.B however, I was on this FW already. It basically costs nothing to flash the modded bios. Maybe you will run into problems using the default BIOS and without setup 1.x because the mPCIe port for WIFI module is whitelisted as far as I know. Above ShOOm set the link to gen1 and had no BSOD after. If you want I can upload the modded BIOS in the morning after I'm arrive home. I try to find it now but no "official" source so I just don't want to share something I never tried.
  4. Try to set gen1 in your startup.bat call iport gen1 2 On the other hand, should I ask you guys, kindly to do not quote all the pictures, or if you put pictures put them in a spoiler, cheers.
  5. Have got my v8 adaptet. Now it is working fine with the newest nvidia driver but still no luck with gen 2 link. Sent from my ZTE A2017U using Tapatalk
  6. -What egpu u have? Your system looks similar as mine. -First start DDU in safe mode and remove ALL drivers. -Reboot to setup 1x -Do ignore dgpu and run compation egpu+igp -Disable dgpu and add it with F3 to startup -Test run -Install drivers for your egpu, restart -Run egpu with startup.but -It should work Sent from my ZTE A2017U using Tapatalk
  7. I'm coming back to this setup. Haven't used it for a while. Now facing a problem it does not working with the new Nvidia driver just with an older one from back last year. Anyway, my v8 Beast is on the way. Should be with me in the next few day. I'm going to share my experiences. [emoji4] Sent from my ZTE A2017U using Tapatalk
  8. Could you please provide us more information about your set-up? Sent from my ZTE A2017U using Tapatalk
  9. My setup was offline for few months. I had to replace the motherboard. Had serious hours to get it work again. At the end I realised the only problem I'm facing is the new Nvidia driver. With the old one from back last year it is working fine again. Anyone else having problems with the new driver? Sent from my ZTE A2017U using Tapatalk
  10. Bios MOD because of the WiFi card whitelist. I hoped it will be plug and play. But after I had to use Setup1.3 anyway. If I don't use Setup1.3 my laptop also does BSOD during boot. Bios mod: http://donovan6000.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/modded-bios-repository.html?m=1 If you have any question don't hesitate to ask.
  11. Unfortunately no luck for me. Tested with 358.91, 361.91, 362.00
  12. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I will try this! Btw checked my drivers and realised the difference is the driver as you told, I mean, I used the 680 with the 361/362 but the 970 with the 364.
  13. Hello! So first of all I already had a working setup with a GTX680 see below. But I had an oppurtunity to sell the 680 and buy a 970. Unfortunately the 970 doesn't working in gen2 just in gen1 mode. The nvidia driver stops responding in 1-2 minutes even in idle mode in gen2 mode. Thought it is caused by the PSU so I tested with different ones. (I tried it with the dell PSU, a 550W Superflower and a 500W Corsair PSU, same situation with all.) So because it worked flawlessly in gen2 mode with the 680 but with the 970 I believe it isn't a faulty adapter. What shoud I do? Is it any tweak you recommend to try? I'm kinda lost.
  14. My TOLUD is same. And it is working. Try Compaction > Ignore dgpu > Compation igp+dgpu Than disable dgpu hit F3 to add startup.bat Chainload and you aready to go.
  15. Thank for your reply. Looks no throttling. Tried to OC GPU but looks like does not really has OC potential. Anyway I had an oppurtunity to sell the 680 and buy a 970. Unfortunately the 970 doesn't working in gen2 just in gen1 mode. The nvidia driver stops responding in 1-2 minutes even in idle mode. Tested with a 550 ATX PSU but pluged just to the GPU, because I don't have that ATX TO EXP GDC cable, and the Dell PSU pluged in the Beast. Same situation. However my result promising, it is stable and have about 20% improved performance than with the 680. Heaven score 3050 3DMark06 18875 (will provide link later) 3DMark11 10293 I'm going to try with an other PSU but I need a switching schematics of that ATX TO EXP GDC cable. I know there is around somewhere but can't find. Anyone has it and willing to pass? Thanks
  16. So here you have my egpu project. Notebook HP Pavilion DV7 6103EG Bios: HP Insyde F.1B moded by donovan6000 CPU: Intel Core i7-2630QM IGP: HD3000 DGP: ATI 6770M RAM: 8GB Storage: ADATA SSD S599 64GB OS: 64-bit Windows 10 eGPU gear EXP GDC Beast DEll DA-2 220W Palit GTX680 4GB - PCI-E 2 x16 @ x1 2.0 DIY Setup 1.3 Results 3dmark06=18319 3dmark11.GPU=8222 Heaven 2454 Firestrike 5357 Sorry, in the title I'm not sure about mpcie 1 or 2 and bandwidth. Unfortunately it isn't worked plug and play, however worked flawlessly without change anything or using Setup 1.3 about 3 times in gen2 mode. Finally I went for Setup 1.3 and made recommended PCI Compation and chainload still worked just random few times even to set gen1 and disabled dGPU. Then tried to use command to reset and init iport in Setup 1.3 and looks like it solved my problem. I'm not sure I need every command. It is just my common sense. Still it is working like a charm at the moment without any problem. My final and working Startup.bat call iport dGPU off call iport gen2 2 call vidwait 60 call vidinit -d %eGPU% call iport reset 2 call iport init 2 call pci :end call chainload mbr Just wondering are my results nice, and I can leave it like this, or go ahead and do some more modifications. Like tweak more in 1.3, change the PSU. Or if this is the max I can get with the 680 does it worth it to get a stronger VGA, or no point because of the limits of my chipset and CPU. My Windows Power Plan is set to High Performance. Thanks for reading.
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