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  1. You go to a LAN party and a couple people notice your Orion backpack , and say "Nice bag, do you really have an alienware?" So you put your bag down, unzip it and pull out this black sleeve . Then proceed to pull this big, black, sweet looking piece of machinery out, the M17X, or as you refer to as "my lappy" . Then you get out the power supply and you hear an "holy cow, thats huge" under someones breath. Proceed to pull out the AW mouse pad and Tactx Mouse and set them on the bench. Plug everything in and turn it on and hear a couple of "What the hell is that""s over my shoulder. I reply "thats just my lappy" as I spin my hat around and start poundin noobs. I try to act like it's not a big deal but I love the attention this thing gets. They come to check out the looks, but I get em with the performance. "Whathu?" Yes buddy, I'm destroying your mini tower with my laptop, lol. Whats your story? Whatchu got?
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  2. 3DMark 06: 16,272 SM2.0: 6648 SM3.0: 7014 CPU: 5135 3DMark Vantage: P10,075 GPU: 8817 CPU: 17,616 3DMark 11: P2177 Graphics: 1957 Physics: 6306 Combined: 1914
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  3. Is this enough to feed your M18x rumors guys? Actual screenshot with the link to go with it: Documentation
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