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Upgrading from I5-3570K

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I am planning on upgrading, or should I say building a new machine, and presently am using an I5-3570K processor. I have been looking at the I7-4960X and the I7-5960X and oddly the 5960X is cheaper by about $50. They're both the same socket so that isn't a factor, one has more cache and the other has higher clock speed (but 2 less cores). I plan on running a 4 monitor setup. Suggestions on which one to go for ultimately?

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Hello jayl86

to see the differences in simple numbers:

i5-3570K (7162)

PassMark - Intel Core i5-3570K @ 3.40GHz - Price performance comparison

i7-4960X (13981)

PassMark - Intel Core i7-4960X @ 3.60GHz - Price performance comparison

i7-5960X (15981)

PassMark - Intel Core i7-5960X @ 3.00GHz - Price performance comparison

Here you can see with an upgrade to i7-4960X you can almost double the power!

The differenc between the i7-4960X and i7-5960X isn´t big, but if you use the i7-5960X you need DDR4-RAM which isnt cheap.

Why do you need such an high-performance CPU?

Best regards


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What do you want to do with your cpu? I got a 3570k @ 4,6ghz and it is still fast enough for me to play games. If you do lots of video editing or other cpu intesinve tasks it might be usefull.

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If your only gaming the i5 is plenty fast and will get more FPS per dollar if you spend the money on a GPU instead.

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