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HP HDX 18/ Intel Core 2 Duo Q9000 @2ghz/ Nvidia GT130M /Blu-ray Rom CD/DVD-RW/ 500gb 7.2K RPM

*Feel free to make fun of my second paste job, first re-pasting job ever. (I Know that was a horrible smear of paste) There was definitely 20-30 degree F drop in temperature under heavy usage and greater during idle.

This is my brothers system I cleaned out.

Imageshack Album Part 1


Imageshack Album Part 2


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Most of your page is blank, tried to reload it several times... either my browser has problems with it, or something else is wrong. So I can't make fun of your paste job, since I can't see it... :D

Could you check whether it loads for you? And maybe put the guide in a spoiler, the post is so loooooooooooooong :D

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@StamatisX Yeah... it's really pathetic and to me its a design flaw common to a couple of mid-range or lower laptops. That Dell Inspiron 17 I cleaned out had a similar setup. This one has the Nvidia gpu GT130M and the Inspiron had a old Intel graphics chip. The Inspiron stayed cooler but that was just a Core 2 Duo 2.4ghz and this HP has Quad Core Intel Q9000 @ 2ghz. The Inspiron had a heat-sink that was not flush with fan housing. After that was fixed it ran much cooler. The HP under higher end games suffers from GPU throttling due to heat... after the re-paste with Arctic Freeze Mx-4 the system seems to stay dramatically cooler. I am not sure if there is still a chance to Throttle but it shouldn't at those temperature differences. On stock config though on that HP it definitely would throttle when I had that model. Like you mention Stam... when that Q9000 gets over 150F it draws too much heat over to the GPU even when the GPU is being utilized or not it heats that sucker up. My brother Maxx (non-identical twin) had his CPU reaching 179 F (just casual low end graphic RPG games being played while skyping and surfing the web which is too hot for not even utilizing all those 4 cores...) and not sure about the GPU temp but it would cause stuttering and other issues since the CPU copper piping is connected to the GPU copper piping. It's a nice big laptop flawed from inside. Overall not a bad computer but it ruined its chance to be a mid-range larger gaming notebook from this.

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