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M17x R4 - 880M and SEC5044 (120hz 3D)

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I have been trying every concievable setting and even different Windows versions to try and get 3D vision to work.


M17x R4 A11 Modded bios

Dell 880M 8gb Modded bios

Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit


Even forced EDID driver for the SEC5044 (Samsung 120hz 1080p 3D)


But no dice with 3D vision.


Does this have something to do with 3rd party driver install that makes 3D vision refuse to talk to the driver because its been modded to work ?


Any knowledgable input would be greatly appreciated.

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3D vision is not supported by the 880M.


Edit: after some more research, I don't think that 3D vision is a feature used in graphics cards higher than the gtx 680m, nor are there any recent games that use this feature. If you really want to use 3D vision I guess you need to get a gtx 680m

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all nvidia superior to 200 series support 3d vision. i have same config and same problem:


with a 3d panel samsung, my vga device id was 057b, while when i changed to a 60hrz panel, now my vga devide id is 0580. in both case it wont enable 3d vision, but whei i got the 3d panel, if i connected an hdmi to my tv (that is not 3d) it will enable me to use stereoscopic on that tv , even if ofcourse it fails when i try to run it because my tv is not 3d. i think then it has something to do with a restriction on the panel , or vga bios , or notebook bios itself...

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i'll have to comb thru the forums but i do recall reading on here in another thread that the 5xx or 6xx is the last card to enable 3d, the 3d vision supported by the other cards i want to say is using nvidias other 3d setup with the goggles, where the 120hz 3d screens in the m17x use 3d glasses akin to the tv's

i'll try to find that info again and post back unless youve found it already, i upgraded from a 6xx card and that was one of the things i had to decide on, if i wanted to keep 3d and replace the card with the same one (dead gpu) or upgrade, i upgraded lol


sorry got sidetracked with a few mechanical projects i needed to work on, so did some more digging into it and happened across this little tidbit i missed in my earlier research found on another forum: Nope. There is some sort of 3D validation in the BIOS that lists the panels and cards approved at the time of sale. There was talk of a modded BIOS but I guess not enough demand :(. The 580m is the best card you can use and still retain 3D. 120hz works fine though.

so not sure about the modded bios that been released as i havent actually flashed that on my r3 yet, hope this helps

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