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Hey guys, recently i do a full clean of my laptop with a dust cleaner, after i do this, my notebook didnt start, so i tried every metod but nothing, as u can see in the photo, my keyboard have 3 things blue colored and one of this (the tiny),is the one that need to start the PC but noto work, pls help me! THX.

PS: i can't vive this in assistente becouse im in another city. THX again.




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I don't think the picture can reveal to much on what the problem might be. There are so many possibilities of why your laptop won't startup that you most likely need someone that knows what he's doing to make it work again. But, if you didn't damage any pieces and didn't dislodged anything from the motherboard then you might consider this:


Look at a guide on how to clean your computer model (mostly on youtube) and try reassemble your laptop by doing the reverse, thus making sure you are reconnecting everything back together. 


Make sure that the connectors are dust free (you can just gently blow into them to remove dust particles, also make sure you didn't break any of the pins or wires.


Did you try to start it with the keyboard off only? Have you tried reassembling everything back together?

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Be sure that no connectors has been detached from the board.

Also try give us some information of what happens when you start your laptop. Does nothing happen?

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