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  2. Hi Klem, Hopefully it's enough for more than 1 beer. If you can remove whitelist for me that would be enough. Anyway if you decide to do more than that please let me know. Here's my Bios backup file : https://www.sendspace.com/file/06xuj8 Also please send instructions on how to further proceed. Million thanks! C.Florin
  3. ok but i want other hidden menu and do some hardware changes plz unlock my bios thanks
  4. Hi Klem, My name is Florin and I just signed up to techinferno rather to try and solve a recent problem I created for myself. A week ago when I've cleaned my laptop, not being to careful I broke 1 of the 2 connections on the WiFi card... It still worked after but with much lower speed and bad or fluctuating wireless signal... Next day I've searched and bought another Intel 7260 WiFi card but this one had "NGW" written after the model number... Nonetheless the card came, had it installed and obviously id didn't work, hence myself signing up on a forum related to BIOS whitelist removals... I have tried updating the BIOS firmware but it still didn't work... I would kindly require your help for removing the BIOS whitelist on my Lenovo Y50-70 to be able to use the new bought Wifi card. If you are willing to help, I can send you today afternoon the BIOS back-up file. Million thanks in advance! Best of luck, C.Florin
  5. hi i want to unlock my bios for OC thank you for your time https://www.sendspace.com/file/9j9zfb
  6. MioIV

    12.5" HP Elitebook 2570P Owner's Lounge

    New user reporting in. Even though I haven't received 2570p in my hands yet, i'm curious, is anyone tried an socket eDP mod? Since eDP is coming right from CPU and it's socketed in this model, there is not too much trouble to achieve it without loss of docking station functionality. One trouble is inversion schematic for eDP_HPD signal, but theoretically that input can be permanently soldered to vtt or gnd. There are 3 variants: 1. just solder wires under the socket - if corresponding eDP pads exist on the other side of the motherboard; 2. place wires between socket and CPU, with inserting copper leads in the socket pits or making a lasso around corresponding CPU pins with it; 3. unsolder these pins from the CPU and solder wires to the CPU instead - very hard and compromise variant, actual in case when pins not hang in the air as described in schematic for the 2560p. Yup, this is theory, but chances to get it to work are pretty big i think. Also question for @adrian_sa, how do you set the PWM freq in the bios? Since bios unwhitelisting method is revealed, it's possible to make some good bios mods and fixes. some nb: 2570p:
  7. Hi, i need help to unlock AMD-V I have a Acer Aspire E5-523G here's my VARS.TXT Thank you) vars.rar
  8. AndyAndrei

    12.5" HP Elitebook 2570P Owner's Lounge

    I am not sure, can be a cpu problem but how Lucky could i be to get a problematic cpu? Not really sure about that. Maybe it is a motherboard problem but The motherboard seems ok. I tried with another battery and it does The same thing. Have you tried The latest bios with The quad? I updated The laptop to The latest bios. Can be a bios thing but i am not sure If i can downgrade The bios.
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  10. Hi Klem, I just sent you a PM with link for Dump files as well as the last working Modded Bios Image. I had some problems with the images size disparity chip to dump file, giving that my Lenovo Y580 comes with 2 EEPROMs chips (4MB + 2MB) and the images always turned out bigger. My last official Bios upgrade was 5DCN90WW(8.01) I got it if you need it. The present State is blank screen. Chips are in good state but appear empty. The last Modded Bios modification was working until I messed up the internal Video configuration, so any thing you could do will be greatly appreciated.
  11. Any chance of your modded bios coming to the P9-series? P955ER to be specific lol. I've used your modded bios on my older P6-series and it was awesome! I need to unlock this P9 now.
  12. Hi Klem. I need remove whitelist and unlock Advanced menu. Bios dump: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lMIzu8FQiUdpq8jT0mBVM7X7S_Agq5n3/view?usp=sharing Thanks very much for your help!
  13. Skill

    Need help with 2 stubborn drivers

    This guide was indispensable to me: If you need the driver files just hit me up I've still got all the originals and updates. Edit: At a glance it does seem that you're missing the Intel Centrino Advanced WiFi Adapter Driver as well as Bluetooth Adapter Driver, as well as the SiBEAM Host Serial (COM5) Adapter Driver (which should be located right where your missing drivers are).
  14. If you can get it for dirt cheap and it still has working components with no signs of major overheating (lol, I mean melting caps not our usual overheating), working motherboard, monitor, etc. I would buy one assuming that I would have to swap out the HDD for an SDD, upgrade the RAM to 16gb (8gb x2), and carefully wipe off the crusted thermal crud from the cpu/gpu with isopropyl and reapply some thermal paste after giving the whole cooling system a thorough cleaning. That's like ~$130 in parts (if you want good stuff) and a little bit of surgery, and voila you've got yourself a damn good computer.
  15. Skill

    Ageing M14x Fans and Cooling

    I've been doing a bit of research on this myself, apparently some of the R2/R4 models came with a DC28000CGF0 model of fan, which is apparently better than the DC280009OF0 that my R1 originally came with (and blows, except really loud and really terribly).
  16. Hello Klem! I recently get a Lenovo T440p, and would appreciate if you could help me get the WLAN whitelist removed, as well as the Advanced Menu unlocked. I used a SPI programmer CH341A to dump my BIOS from W25Q32FV chip. Here is the dump: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XU1AxhaO-c3QaLf3WspEwuxJouKA3kfU Thanks in advance, I appreciate your help!
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