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i3 with z170 vs i5 with h110


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What you guys think, it's better to get the i3 with a z170 board and overclock it like crazy or go with a cheaper mobo and a better cpu like i5.

I'm planing only on gaming on a pretty tight budget, video card probably wont be something better than r9 270x.

I'm not planing on sli / crossfire in the future either.


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Which Z170 board? It really depends on the quality of the board. I went with a Gigabyte Z170 board for about $135 and it couldn't overclock very far due to it not having any heatsinks on the VRMs and caused it to throttle. I ended up have to retrofit some heatsinks on it just to boost my 6600K to over 4Ghz. 


If you get a Z170 get a good one to overclock the i3 and change cpu sometime down the line. Just don't get a cheap Z170 board since they are no better than a H series if they can't be overclocked that well. Otherwise get an i5 and be done with it

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