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  1. I've gone back and forth and at the end of the day my performance is about the same on either keyboards, just go with whatever you feeling you prefer. I honestly slightly favor laptop scissor keys but thats probably due to the huge amount of time i spend on my laptop vs desktop.
  2. About 40 but i only play about maybe 3 of those games lol
  3. Which Z170 board? It really depends on the quality of the board. I went with a Gigabyte Z170 board for about $135 and it couldn't overclock very far due to it not having any heatsinks on the VRMs and caused it to throttle. I ended up have to retrofit some heatsinks on it just to boost my 6600K to over 4Ghz. If you get a Z170 get a good one to overclock the i3 and change cpu sometime down the line. Just don't get a cheap Z170 board since they are no better than a H series if they can't be overclocked that well. Otherwise get an i5 and be done with it
  4. I use to have problems with it starting up after waking from sleep on my lenovo laptop but not on my HP. After updating to the latest version of the software it works fine now. If it doesnt work out, have you tried changing it so the settings are saved to the mouse's memory instead of pc?
  5. Logitech G930 gets my vote. I've gone through 3-4 headsets and so far its the most durable ones i've had. My headset is about 4 years old now and the only thing i've had to change out were the padding. The padding is avaible on amazon and was pretty cheap too.
  6. I love my Logitech Wireless G700s. The 4 side buttons are extremely useful for games like Overwatch where your hero has a bunch of abilites. It takes a while to get use to but after a week it feels completely natural. The battery life on it kinda sucks due to it being a laser mouse but I alway have extra eneloops on me to change out or a USB cord to turn it into a wire mode.
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