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eGPU solution(s) for Mac Pro (Late 2013) on OSX + Windows 10 (for VR)


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Hello. I'm new here and to building an egpu solution, but very motivated to see if anyone has figured out a solid solution for the following:


I need my 8 core Mac Pro (Late 2013) to work with an egpu GTX 980 Ti on both OSX + Windows 10


My current specs:


Mac Pro (Late 2013)

OSX El Capitan 10.11.3

Processor:  3 GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon E5

Memory:  64 GB 1866 MHz DDR3 ECC

Internal SSD: 500GB

GPUs:  AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB


I'm successfully booting into Windows via Bootcamp off a LaCie Little Big Disk with Windows 8.1 and 10 installed on the two internal PCIe SSDs all via a single Thunderbolt 2 connection


The reason I need the egpu to work on OSX and Windows 10 is because I have an Oculus DK2 that no longer works due to lack of AMD driver support in Windows 10 for any of the latest Oculus store releases.


I have already reached out to Bizon (first place I came across in my research - even though I now know they just modify the Akitio Thunder 2 boxes) and Bizon said:


"OS X and BizonBOX 2 on Mac Pro Late 2013 works perfectly, you can see it in our video here: https://youtu.be/eePK6Di4ETg

You would only need to run a provided script to install official Nvidia drivers.

For now we do not know about any way to get Mac Pro Late 2013 to work with the BizonBOX 2 on Windows 10."


I'm hoping some knowledgable folks here have figured out a way to get this to work. If it's just simply not doable, or super unreliable, I am looking at the Razer Blade and Razer Core for a dedicated portable PC setup to run VR.  So sad I have this expensive Mac Pro with GPUs that can't cut it for VR recommended specs only 2+ years later.

Thanks for any and all thoughts!


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The nMP is not working as easiliy with an eGPU as other Macs. In OSX it is no problem, but Windows + eGPU + nMP has only been "teased" by MVC (Rominator) und netkas in their own forum. They are currently not willing to share a guide.

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I got my Mac Pro (Late 2013) to work with Windows 10 and HTC Vive and Oculus Home using the internal AMD FirePro D500 without eGPU.  I can run both HTC VR games and most of the Oculus VR games.

You basically have to find the latest AMD graphics driver and force it to install.  AMD purposely blacklist the D500 cards so you have to remove those entries and resign the driver in order to force it to install.

You may also need to disable the driver signature verification in windows 10


Here is an example on how to do it, scroll to bottom of the list to find the latest files



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