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Win 10 keeps on crashing at startup when eGPU connected.


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Hi All,

I want to get my eGPU working with my bootcamp partition like it did a few weeks ago but since I re-installed my Mini I don't get it working anymore.



Late 2014 Mac Mini I7 16gig

Intel Iris GPU

Akitio Thunder 2 with power mod

PCI power supply

Asus GTX960 GPU

OSX El Capitan (working perfectly with the GTX960)

Bootcamp Win 10 Pro (Crashing almost every time at startup when Thunderbolt is connected)

NEC display with HDMI - DVI cable



About a month ago I installed win10 for the first time to be able to play some games. Because the GPU performance was a bit poor I bought the Akitio with a Asus GTX960. The installation was no problem and it was running great on win 10. After a while I wanted it to use on OSX also but that didn't work. While trying to get it running I had to change my display DVI plug a lot from the Akitio and the DVI - Thunderbolt adapter. I don't know what happened but at some point my Thunderbolt ports stopped working. I tried every reset method but the ports did not respond anymore. So I brought it to Apple and they repaired it by resetting the Nvram. I thought that was odd because I had done that a few times already. When I tried it at home with my DVI - thunderbolt adapter it still didn't work... But I found a HDMI - DVI cable and with that cable I got my display working without the adapter.
At that point the windows 10 partition was already crashing when I plugged the Akitio in so I decided to completely re-install the Mini.
The rest is history. The OSX installation works perfectly now with the Akitio and the GTX960 but Windows 10 is crashing all the time at startup when the Akitio is plugged in and powered. When it crashes I do not get a error, its just rebooting and trying to repair itself. Sometimes I get it starting with the Akitio plugged in but I never get to working with my display...
Any idea? Can it be something they did at Apple? My DVI - thunderbolt adapter is still not working after all...


What I have tried:

At this moment I re-installed Bootcamp and Windows 3 times and tried 4 different drivers. 2 from Asus and 2 from Nvidia. (oldest and newest) In between I used the Guru uninstaller to clean the old drivers.

I have tried the startup trick (waiting with powering the eGPU until the bootscreen)

I did the power mod on the Akitio.





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