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Problem | Mac Mini Late 2014 + Aikito Thunder 2 + Asus GTX 970


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Hey Guys,

i've got bit of a problem with my current eGPU Setup. I followed some of the excellent guides and wanted to do a small but powerful setup. 


My Aikito Thunder 2 is only powered by a 150Watt Leicke AC Adapter but i think the gtx 970 also needs power supply maybe thats the error here. 

When i'm booting with everything plugged in i get an "ACPI_BOOT_ERROR" from windows if i hot plug everything i get this little warning sign in the devices manager with an error 43, maybe cause the graphic card don't get enough power.


I also ordered the Dell DA-2 from amazon and it's coming tomorrow but what i'm missing is this 6 to 8 pin to dc barrel plug adapter which i cant find online and i have no expertise in building cables :( Maybe if someone of you guys knows how to build something like this i would be very thankful and of course paying you something for this.


Hope you can help me :) thanks in advance


Here is the current setup:







Here is the error:






and here is the cable i need but i dont know how to build or where to buy:






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The 120W PSU is way too little to power that setup. Also the GPU has to have the 8-Pin PCIe plug inside!

So getting the Dell DA-2 is a good choice. The adapter can easily be done with some soldering.

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