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MSI GX740 GPU, late to the party.

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I see in other posts the MSI GX740 getting an AMD 6970M, 7970M and an AMD 8970 upgrade. I'm a bit late to the GPU upgrade party, and can't really swing a new gaming laptop for a few years. All that being said, has anyone tried the AMD FirePro line in the MSI GX740? Looking at the specs/benchmarks the AMD FirePro m6000 would produce the same fps as the 6970 at a lower TDP (28nm VS 40nm). And the AMD FirePro M6100 is slightly faster than an AMD 7970m.

Ebay is showing a FirePro M6000 ~70, so it looks like a fairly inexpensive upgrade to my severely aging laptop. Can anyone see an issue with this GPU upgrade?



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m6000 its like 5870m -not 6970m

and m6000 from dell (probably only one available) works with 1gen/2gen msi GT

m61000 (in my case ) not works in msi 1gen gt and its slower than 7970m for sure

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Since the site is back up I'll post the followup.  I pulled the card and performance information from NoteBookcheck.net.  And you're right Debianik, most of the benchmarks go to the 7970.   The Firepro 6100 is 25W lower TDP though, and a lower price tag on ebay.


So the short answer is the AMD FirePro m6100 worked just fine in the MSI GX740.  I still can't run Fallout 4 at full HD in Ultra...or even high detail at 60fps, but it is playable at slightly lower resolution and higher quality settings.  I did grab a 180W power supply just in case.  For a 6 year old machine I think this upgrade bought me a few more years of use.  My CPU is probably a huge limiting factor at this point as it's an i7 720QM.  I could put in an 940XM, but it would probably be better to just save the money and upgrade the whole thing in 2 years.  (If anyone has a i7 920XM or 940XM laying about let me know. ; )


After installation Win 10 said it was a AMD Firepro 6100, after I installed the Firepro drivers it said it was an AMD Radeon HD 8950, and on any given day the name displayed by GPU-Z.0.8.6 seems to vary.   It runs well after burn in.  Cleaned up all the heat sinks, reapplied thermal grease, tightened down the heat sink and did a burn in.  First few hours of FO4 it ran a bit hot (92 C.), but it's come down, and is running about 84 to 86, so I'm pretty comfortable with the cooling.

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