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  1. Since the site is back up I'll post the followup. I pulled the card and performance information from NoteBookcheck.net. And you're right Debianik, most of the benchmarks go to the 7970. The Firepro 6100 is 25W lower TDP though, and a lower price tag on ebay. So the short answer is the AMD FirePro m6100 worked just fine in the MSI GX740. I still can't run Fallout 4 at full HD in Ultra...or even high detail at 60fps, but it is playable at slightly lower resolution and higher quality settings. I did grab a 180W power supply just in case. For a 6 year old machine I think this upgrade bought me a few more years of use. My CPU is probably a huge limiting factor at this point as it's an i7 720QM. I could put in an 940XM, but it would probably be better to just save the money and upgrade the whole thing in 2 years. (If anyone has a i7 920XM or 940XM laying about let me know. ; ) After installation Win 10 said it was a AMD Firepro 6100, after I installed the Firepro drivers it said it was an AMD Radeon HD 8950, and on any given day the name displayed by GPU-Z.0.8.6 seems to vary. It runs well after burn in. Cleaned up all the heat sinks, reapplied thermal grease, tightened down the heat sink and did a burn in. First few hours of FO4 it ran a bit hot (92 C.), but it's come down, and is running about 84 to 86, so I'm pretty comfortable with the cooling.
  2. Pink Floyd- "Learning to fly". (Previous song was Five Finger Death Punch - "Meet The Monster". My library is currently on shuffle.)
  3. I see in other posts the MSI GX740 getting an AMD 6970M, 7970M and an AMD 8970 upgrade. I'm a bit late to the GPU upgrade party, and can't really swing a new gaming laptop for a few years. All that being said, has anyone tried the AMD FirePro line in the MSI GX740? Looking at the specs/benchmarks the AMD FirePro m6000 would produce the same fps as the 6970 at a lower TDP (28nm VS 40nm). And the AMD FirePro M6100 is slightly faster than an AMD 7970m. Ebay is showing a FirePro M6000 ~70, so it looks like a fairly inexpensive upgrade to my severely aging laptop. Can anyone see an issue with this GPU upgrade? Thanks! B
  4. The Mod/Full conversion I've been waiting for is Project Brazil. I've been following the development for quite a while, and were really hoping they would make it out before FO4. Looking at their facebook page, they have pushed their release out to march. I suppose that will give me time to finish up all of the main quests and most of the minor of FO4...then maybe replay FO3 and New Vegas. Rocknarutoxx, Thanks for your list. I'll have to give a few of them a look. B
  5. It's been said a number of times in this thread, and I agree. PC application development (Including games) is more difficult/expensive than console development. A developer knows a targeted console has processor X, nGB of RAM, a DVD/Blueray, graphics chip model, how much video memory, etc. Basically, every targeted console is going to be the same (More or less). PC's are all over the map. AMD a10 processor? Intel i7? 500GB 5400RPM HDD? 512GB nvme ssd? integrated Intel 3300? Nvidia GTX 980M? That's one reason we see crappy console ports. The development house has a deadline, so they write it for the easier platform and port it over when they get time. It gets a product to market quicker. Not a great solution for those of use who don't use consoles, but does help the developer company's bottom line. As far as bugs in initial releases...Back in 'The Day' (Pre internet, yes, there was such a thing) games were SO much smaller and less complex. They had to be. This made it easier to make and test games so they had fewer errors at release. Also there was almost no method for patching, so when you released a game...that was it. Developers get pressure from their publisher to be done by a certain date. It has been this way for as long as games have been made for personal computers. In the current age, it's just so easy to deploy a 1.0 game with the knowledge that it will get patched in a future release. Steam, Origin, etc, they allow the games to be automatically updated with the latest release. *shrug* I do kind of miss the days where I bought a game and could play it end to end without major gameplay issues. B
  6. Hello everyone. Just stopping in to say hello. Need to grab the unlocked BIOS for my GX740, but need to post 5 times. Planning on dropping in a Dell 6970m or 7970M, depending on what i can find.
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