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AMD Catalyst 15.11.1 Drivers Increase Performance for Fallout 4


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When Fallout 4 was first released, we saw a huge deficit between NVIDIA and AMD in performance and many attempted to blame GameWorks for AMD's performance issues with the game. Many (including myself) maintained that it was an issue with AMD drivers needing a revision to bring performance parity rather than NVIDIA or Bethesda sabotaging AMD hardware. Now ten days later we have the following results, courtesy of OC3D:


I hope this serves as a lesson that when properly motivated, AMD can develop drivers that address performance deficits in DX 11 games and that it isn't always GameWorks fault.


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There are still issues with latest crimson driver.First off,i cannot disable crossfire since i cannot acces radeon additional settings,whenever i click on it,nothing happens.Also how is target fan speed supposed to work?Nothing changes no matter how i set it.

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