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Overlocking 4800QM in MSI GT60 2QE

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i am working since quite a while (did search a lot in google etc) to find the best settings for my 4800QE.

Seems to be pretty tricky as i found out. I use Unlocked Bios (most things i have simply no idea of) and i use UTX where i got more knowledge .

First dose it help to give the intel GPU which i anyway don't use for gaming less voltage (undervolt)

and then well of course my question what is ur guys experience in overlocking 4700,4800,4900?

I guess they are all pretty similar .

What voltage should i set? what watt, under or over volt? amp?

my goal is to keep all 4 cores up during gaming .

thanks in advanced . And sorry if u did miss a "solution" posted already here.

regards martin

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Wouldn't worry too much about the iGD.

IMO you should start with default clocks and undervolt core and cache as much as possible under worse ambient conditions while checking stability. You will also need to check for throttling and see if your power limiting options are overridden. Once stability is determined at negative offset you might want to add ~20mV as a safety margin.

You should aim for a power limit that prevents thermal throttling. Current limit can be set to 256A to avoid Electrical Design Power throttling. Note that VID decreases as the CPU gets hotter so you should test 8x multi also while cores are still hot from maximum multi's. Quite a few people stressed successfully at maximum but have experienced a BSOD when coming off load.

If you do not have any thermal or power limiting then make a note of your vcore at 37x multi and your offset.

To use the extra 4 bins start with 30mV per bin so 4x 30mV = 0.120V then set adaptive mode core voltage to Vcore37x - offset + 0.120

For instance if 37x Vcore is 1.000V and offset is -80mV then 1.0 - -0.08 + 0.12 = 1.200V

With extra 4-bins enabled, core voltage set and offset set, stress test and if okay start reducing core voltage in small steps while again check for stability.

Once stability is found again you might want to add 20mV for safety margin.

Good luck.

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