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2 vrm temps on hwinfo64 gtx 675m

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Hello everyone. Recently, I had an issue in which my screen goes blank after startup while system is still running. I read online and was told the gpu was bad and needed to be replaced. However, today I repasted it, removed the thermal pads on the black square thingys facing the heatsink (memory modules i think) and replaced them with thermal paste but left the pads on the other side of the chip in tact. When I put on my system, it all went fine. Currently not experiencing the black screens anymore unless I fire up a game and leave it to run for 5 minutes. Then i noticed that the vrm temp (through hwinfo64) shows twice with different readings. 1 stays at 46-ish degrees while the other goes up to 110 degrees like it used to before then screen blacks out. My query is, can anyone explain to me the 2 readings? is it a fluke or bug? and also, any help with the vrm? I have attached a screenshot. Thank you.post-16775-14495000601253_thumb.png

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