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Witcher 3 Performance

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System Specs:

I7- 4710mq @ 3.5ghz

Nvidia 860 GTX

Driver: 353.06

Overview: I went to one of the intro villages where you are still around lvl 2 or 3, gearing to slay the Griffon.

Upgrading to the above driver netted me 3 to 4 fps. In general, on medium graphic settings and most of the post items enabled (minus blur..i hate blur) my average fps ranges from 36-42. Lowering the settings to low and leaving post processing enabled gives me an average of 40-47 fps.

One item of note, like many others I had loads of crashes. Updating drivers didn't resolve them. What did was running the game in full screen mode only, cleaning up all background processes. If I overclock my card the game will crash. I can only overclock my memory which nets me an extra 3 fps. If I overclock the actual gpu processor it will crash like clockwork.

Bottom line, this game is a beast. It looks fine on low and even better on medium. Its a shame we can't really run it max but such is life. If you have AA disabled but most other items enabled and settings on medium and NOT hitting 40fps, you need to optimize your machine.

Update: Ok so here's what I did. I can run most settings on ultra, stay higher than 38fps. I had to lower resolution to 1280x720 (effectively 720p). All post stuff is enabled except AA and Blur. (again can't stand blur). I also didn't enable hair works. Come to think of it I need to try it. Anyway.. your 860mGTX should be able to run this at all settings but the resolution will vary depending on whether you want to play at 720, 1440, or 1080p. At 1440 medium settings are best. Haven't tried at 1080.

Comparing 1440 at medium and 720 at ultra, I believe the ultra looks so much better. The textures and details trump the lack of resolution. just my .02

Good Luck and cheers!

<aside>Alienware 17 system, standard with Intel SSD and some other basic stuff. </aside>

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