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Necessary restarting D9C (D901C) Phoenix Bios systems utilities when unplugged

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The C-MOSS battery was replaced since it was old and clock did not work properly. Then, the peculiar restarting happened. If the laptop is powered, then the restarting (over F2 key) is not happening. However, if the computer is unplugged (carried to different location) then the restarting is needed in both cases, i.e., when powered via battery and when powered from ac cable. Tech support thinks that it is hardware problem, potentially BIOS chip needs to be replaced. I just have a question whether or not anyone experienced such peculiar starts of laptop. It somewhat scares me that a new BIOS chip would be needed. This may require new motherboard for all practical purposes. Please, advise since this appears to be unique problem not addressed in the laptop literature and some locations on the Internet that I checked. The frequent only advice is to replace the C-MOSS battery.

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I have a similar issue. If I boot the computer unplugged the screen will go black after I log in. After that I restart the computer and it works whether it's plugged in or not. Doesn't matter if I boot plugged in though.

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