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Hi Guys

I have question about graphic tools in games.. So I have processor which at 100% load graphics card running at 40-50% of a sudden.... I know, however, that the graphic settings, which are based only on the CPU .. Can anyone give me, which ones? Then I could achieve better visual experience without changing the hardware;)


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I have laptop Lenovo Y580 in configuration :

-i7 3630QM

-GeForce GTX660m @1085/2700 and will be more when the change bios from Svl7

-16GB RAM 1600MHz CL11

-1TB 5400rpm HardDisk

-Original motherboard ;D

- - - Updated - - -

I use msi afterburner to display the OSD... And he never showed in games a higher load than 40-50% on 4 cores and in this same time 0-10% on 4 extra threads.. But the GPU works on 100% every time.

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