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strangle throttling issue!!!


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hey guys ,

registered in this forum to get some expert opinion.

Few months back my M14x has problems of overheating Gpu (almost 100 c).

Culprit was dust deposits between heat sin and fan assembly. also while cleaning i got it repasted by Arctic silver -5.temp were fine (max 65 c)

But 2 days back ,i started to hear fan noise again and noticed increase in fan speeds.

after 10 min of gaming i get slowdowns ,stuttering which was fine earlier.

did everything,cpu temp ok(72-73c)Gpu(max 65c) ok, repaired windows ,changed display drivers,changed bios , disbled and enabled turboboost and everything .still unable to understand.

seems like gpu is downclocking ..but m not sure..pls help!!!

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<input value="On" onclick="toggleon()" type="button"> <input value="Off" onclick="toggleoff()" type="button">I used to have the same problem in the R2, it was the GPUs lack of air flow and Dell tech had to replace the MoBo to fix it.

Before calling Dell I tried to fix it myself, but I don't have refine tooling to conduct an operation like that :( so I let Dell take care of it. Sorry for your situation.

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