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dell m6700 with k5100m, 3d internal screen,cannot enable 3D VISION!!


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I just bought a dell mobile work station m6700. I upgrade it into K5100m GPU and equiped with a 120hz 3D screen(SAMSUNG SEC 5044, the same 3d version as M17X R4). I tried everything but still cannot enable 3D vision. there is even no "3D stereo" option in the NVIDIA control panel.

Can anyone help on this case? It seems related to some certification or whitelist in the VBIOS or BIOS i need to set.

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From the webpage of M17X R4:

3D capability puts you in the middle of the action.

Immerse yourself in your games and absorb every detail with an optional 17.3” 1080p Full HD WLED display. Or select the 120Hz 3D LCD for smooth visuals and stereoscopic NVIDIA 3D Vision capabilities(1), so you won’t simply watch the action – you’ll be right in the middle of it. After the dust settles, trade war stories with your friends face to face on your top-mounted HD webcam.

(1) 3D viewing requires NVIDIA graphics card, plus NVIDIA 3DTV Play software, a NVIDIA compliant 3D TV with 3D glasses, compatible media and HDMI cable, all sold separately.

The caption says you also need to get the 3D glasses and 3DTV Play software, maybe that is the solution.

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You said, you upgraded to K5100M.

- Did you install the card yourself?

- Which card was in before?

- I own a K4000M in Precision M6700, would this upgrade be an option for me as well? :hyper:

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