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GX740 RAM upgrade problems

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Hi everyone

I have some problems upgrading the RAM from my GX740 (Board: MS-1727). It came with 4GB of RAM, which sometimes is a bit too little, so i thought I could upgrade it to 8 GB.

On my old RAM is written 1333mhz and a friend of me has some with 1333mhz, he gave me to test.

Strange is, when i look on the clockspeed during the running OS it's at 1066mhz. (Does it clock down? Nevermind, thats not the mainproblem)

Now the problem is, when the new RAM is installed, my laptop turns on normal, but as soon as the Windowsbootlogo (Win8.1) appears, it crashes with a nice BSOD. When i boot into my linux, it boots correctly but short after you log in it crashes too. The RAM is ok, because it worked well in an other machine, but when I run Memtest86+ in my machine with the new RAM it even refuses to start the test (error after one second and stops).

Is the RAM just incompatible with my board, or is there a possibility to fix that problem with an unlocked BIOS?

thanks in advance


PS: Sorry if there are some english mistakes, my swiss-english isn't that good :)

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hi, which CPU is installed on your laptop? is it core i5? if so, then the speed of 1066 mhz is due to the CPU's limit. i7 can run at 1333 mhz.

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Hi everyone!

i have the same problem with my gx740.

there is i5-430m on it and max speed for memory is 1067Mhz. but in gx740 was inserted 2 Samsung ram modules at 1333Mhz (yes they are clockdown to 1067mhz)

So I take another ram module Samsung 4gb 1333Mhz and inserted to Notebook. When i boot to safe mode windows7 it stoped at classpnp.sys.

i think this problem maybe in bios \ or incomptailable this RAM and laptop.

maybee it would be a surprise to you but in spite the same characteristics of RAM some of them may not work :-)

p.s. today i try update bios. (my version is too old)

After that i put 4gb RAM once again. may be updating bios helps me.

p.p.s. also you can go to the store, where a specialist will select RAM for your laptop and you can check that work RAM, if he agrees.

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It could be incompatibility with the one ram to the other try just the new one and remove the old one to test go in bios and look if you system see's the ram as it is. I think it's just an incompatibility on the 2 ram stick.

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Test with only the one "new" ram dim and remove the old one and test.

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hello again. it seems this problem is solved.

as you know, intel icore processors 1st generation hold's only 8gb ddr3 memory. in fact, my laptop don't hold's any new ram with memory chip's large than 256mb. Today most of ram's consist some 512mb chips, in that reason MSI laptop don't work.

How to Find memory that would be work in msi gx740:

it' just so simple! 1st , maximum size of ram 4gb per plank. 2nd, you need a ram with 16 memory chips on it. (4gb devide 16 chips - 256mb per chip) done!

look at picture, it should help to you post-28206-14494997977971_thumb.jpg (this is backside, in other side should be the same)

Good Luck!

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I have run into the problem that sky_bb describes and can confirm that my GX740 with arrendale cpu i5-450m also bluescreen on the windows logo. Oddly enough i couldt find this limitation described anywhere on the web other than here.

I have the ordered the I7-920xm and will switch the cpus later, do anyone knows if the clarksdale cpu will support my sk hynix 4gb 1 rank memory sticks with 512mb chips? It seems to be a whole different chip with a different memory controller.

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I have recived the I7-920xm and will answer my own question for others to know.


The clarksdale i7 cpu seems to have a memory controller with better support for larger chips. My 2x4gb Hynix 1Rx8 PC3 12800s that dont work with the I5-450m do work with the I7 cpu.

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