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  1. I have recived the I7-920xm and will answer my own question for others to know. The clarksdale i7 cpu seems to have a memory controller with better support for larger chips. My 2x4gb Hynix 1Rx8 PC3 12800s that dont work with the I5-450m do work with the I7 cpu.
  2. Can i please be promoted too, in need of a unlocked bios for my laptop.
  3. Is this only for GT series or ca it be used on older GX740 with first gen i5 as well?
  4. Hi What is the best compitable graphics adapter for a MSI gx740? My only goal is to handle light gaming like cs go, starcraft 2, etc. Today there is a HD5870 installed in the mxm port, upgrade to a dell alienware 7970m seems to have been popular in the past together with the unlocked bios. Would a newer more energy efficient card for example a gtx1060 or a more modern readeon card work with my laptop?
  5. I have run into the problem that sky_bb describes and can confirm that my GX740 with arrendale cpu i5-450m also bluescreen on the windows logo. Oddly enough i couldt find this limitation described anywhere on the web other than here. I have the ordered the I7-920xm and will switch the cpus later, do anyone knows if the clarksdale cpu will support my sk hynix 4gb 1 rank memory sticks with 512mb chips? It seems to be a whole different chip with a different memory controller.
  6. and another thing, this bios should give me the option to enable legacy mode for the graphics card rigt? Do I need to upgrade the firmware for the EC controller as well for a hd7970 to work in my laptop and is the EC firmware included in the download?
  7. Hi everyone. Bought an old MSI GX740 and found this forum on google while trying to find good upgrades and mods to this old gaming laptop. Seems to be a lot of good knowledge to be found on this forum in that topic.
  8. Just got my hands on a old MSI GX740 and is amazed to find a thread like this still alive Is the modified BIOS for my laptop flashable with the MSI HQ forum flash tool? or do i need to use the one recommended in this thread?
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