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Y400 external GPU using Ultrabay


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I have a Y400, a 3D printer and a plan.

I want to get a desktop GPU roughly compatible with the 650m -- GTX 650? -- and wire it up to my GPU-less Ultrabay. Having looked at the teardown pictures, it looks like something sort of kinda similar to a normal PCI port. Is this at all possible?

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probably not, even if you could get the electrical stuff all worked out there is the problem of the bios not booting with unrecognized cards. You would also have to hack the bios and even then I highly doubt it would work because the laptop probably couldn't supply the required 75w of power over the bus that a desktop card would need. There are a few old hacks out there were people use some connectors on laptops to do something similar but it was a huge amount of work and the bandwidth was very limited.

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You would need to make your own connector from ultrabay to pci express 8x (or 16x), but so far i've seen no succes on egpu area with lenovo y series.

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