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Elder Scrolls Online M14xR2

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I have been playing ESO since sunday (early preorder access). The performance is not bad really. My system info is below. I am playing on an external dell 24'' HD monitor 4220l.

With all setting on high (except AO / AA disabled) I get over 30fps at 1920 x 1080. Some zones it will go up as high as 55 fps but in hard fighting scenes it may dip below 30 fps for a few moments and then go back up.

I've noticed this game makes good use of my I7, however with the 650m GT disabling Turbo does not impact the FPS. I have tried it in both small areas (like dungeons) and larger areas such as Daggerfall with lots of players.

So the bottom line, if you have a 720p screen or a 1080p screen, you should have no problems playing ESO at high detail levels (including shadows) and maintain 30fps.

Side Note: I did OC my GPU a bit to see if I could squeeze out a few more fps. Going from 835/2000 to 1050/2200 net'd me 5 to 6 more fps in most areas.




720p screen (native)

8gb Ram (hyper x w/ heatshields)

250 Samsung SSD

Bios a013 modified

Windows 8.1

Please move to m14x game thread once this has received some visibility since its easier to see here rather than in sub thread. Cheers!

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